Dietary program

During the first consultation, the evaluation of a patient’s diet takes place. It consist of nutrition interview with the patient and the analysis of nutrition habits. This is perfect time for the very first dietary tips. Nutritionist analyses body composition like fat tissue, muscle tissue, body hydration. First consultation is good to familiarise with the patient’s expectations. On the basis of received data the patient is given a list of meals and products advised to be introduced in the diet, didactic material and detailed nutrition agenda. The consultation last around 90 minutes. The recommended time of second consultation: 2 - 4 weeks later.
A lot of people cannot imagine their lives without physical activity. Those who work out on a regular basis need energy which is extracted from carbohydrates. The most important are those which help to keep right level of glucose in blood and supplement glycogen loss. One has to remember about regular meals and fluid hydration.
Pregnant women nutrition has a great impact, not only on a pregnancy itself, but also on a baby’s health. Bill of fare of a pregnant woman has to be diversified to diminish the risk of lack of important alimentary components e.g. folic acid, iron, iodine, zinc and essential fatty acids.
During the pregnancy putting on weight is right phenomenon but weight growth should not exceed the norms. Pregnant woman needs lots more of energy and alimentary components. Requisition for vitamins, mineral components may increase about 50%-100%. Daily meal rations should be increased at maximum 300 kcal.
During breastfeeding period, requisition for alimentary ingredients e.g. proteins, vitamins, mineral components is even higher than during pregnancy. Breastfeeding woman provides her child in milk around 750 kcal of energy. Every day she must rebalance deficit eating proper meals. It is believed that the breastfeeding woman should provide her organism with extra 500 kcal a day. She is also obliged to eat more frequent but in less quantity. Putting on weight should be avoided as it decreased quantity of produced milk.
Proper nutrition helps to keep physical and mental prowess. Aging in unavoidable but can be slow down. Many scientists claim that a human organism is able to achieve 110-120 years. But why it seems impossible for an average person? Age barrier has its source in nutrition mistakes one make in youth.
Even in one’s sixties it in not too late to make proper changes and brighten life standard.
Obesity and overweight significantly influence health. With every extra kilogram risk of arterial hypertention, atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes grows. Moreover, extra kilograms weight down bones and joints. Proper weight is essential for physical and mental health.
Proper dietary program is a secret of every woman’s beauty. Have you ever wondered why is your hair dull, skin is leathery, nails break though you use the best and expensive cosmetics? Maybe the problem is at a heart of wrong diet… Through special dietary program your skin will become pert and elastic, complexion will gain lively coloration and hair will be resistant to UV. Good nutrition program should provide one’s organism with appropriate quantity of the vitamins A, E, C, folic acid and zinc.
Most frequently appears around thighs, cheeks and stomach. This defect horrifies almost every single woman. Cellulite is an inconvenient opponent. It takes time and  patience to get rid of it. It is often a consequence of overweight caused by invalid diet.
Anti-cellulite dietary program should be repeated several times a year to draw permanent, beneficial effects. Its main goal is to accelerate metabolism, purify the organism from toxins, remove extra fat tissue and water.
If you feel tired, your hobby does not bring joy, maybe it is about time to detoxicate your body. The detox program is a perfect way to regain energy, brighten the mood and recoup vital strength.  It is specific kind of a diet as it is aimed to exceed fitness of the organism by removing harmful toxins.
Do you feel like good mood and energy disappeared from your body? You take something up and you lose your enthusiasm very fast? If so, that means you have to regain your vital strength  and remove toxins from the organism. It is about time to change your dietary habits.
Recently food allergy became a frequent phenomenon. It is undoubtedly a significant problem of these times. The basis of food allergy treatment is an eliminatory diet, which is based on eliminating alimentary ingredients that organism does not tolerate, and to replace them with those of the same nutrition value that organism will absorb.
During the second consultation nutritionist analyses body composition like fat tissue, muscle tissue, body hydration. Individual dietary program is discussed according to primal premisses. The consultation last about 1 hour. It takes place 2-4 weeks after the first consultation.
It is aimed to check and evaluate the effects of the dietary program on patient: fat tissue, muscle tissue, body hydration, the mood. It is also time to discuss the results of the diet and future steps. It last about 1 hour and should take place regularly every 2-4 weeks.
Depending on individual needs, supplementation plan is introduced.
To diversify dietary program, there is a possibility to prepare balanced and interesting recipes for dinners and suppers.
Evaluation of foregoing dietary habits which includes valuable information and precise report which allows to eliminate mistakes and meanwhile, will make it possible to brighten condition of nutrition.
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